Vendor terms and conditions

Vendor should must register with the brands valley online marketing platform to create an account. According to company terms and condition a vendor will must provide required data and registration fee if any.

Accounts & password

Brand valley will provide account to vendors with maximum security in form of passwords or security devices for identification and security. Vendor can take any action to secure the passwords and security procedures. Vendor is responsible for providing the correct information and information’s in any request for account and password is complete. In case of any problem like lost of password vendor must inform to brands valley if vendor not inform to company in any harsh situation company will not responsible for it.


Vendor must have copyright for all supplied products. Brands valley will not responsible for any copyright disputes. If the supplied products provided without copyright vendor will be responsible in case of any issue and vendor will pay for it brands valley will not take any responsibility.


Vendor must have good verbal and written communication skills. Communication is important part to bias oneself towards your products. You must have polite behavior with customers.

Order placing

Vendor will contact and sale the products to client. Vendor must place the order at given time. In case of any delay in order placing vendor must contact with client and tell the issue and will resolve the problem brands valley will not responsible for this issue.

Number of sales

Brands valley does not warrant the number of sales per month.

Cancelation of order

If vendor approve order and then cancel the order due to any reason vendor will pay for it.

Return policy

If the customer is not satisfied by the product due to any fault like product is damaged or delivery fault and customer wants to return the product vendor will be responsible to exchange the product. If the product is not exchanged by the vendor and customer is not satisfied vendor must pay for it in this case payment will be deduct from the vendor account. Later on, when vendor replace the order and customer satisfied by the product at this time the vendor will recieve the deducted amount as well.

Changes in terms and policy

Brands valley reserves the rights to modify the policy, service products, and terms and conditions at any time with or without any notice. Vendor must keep themselves up-to-date and must check the policy.


Taxes applied by government regarding sale of products vendor must pay tax company is not responsible to pay taxes.

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